Equipment for animal physiology research
Moscow, Zelenograd
Screenshot of the Minotaur software: movement of a rodent Screenshot of the Minotaur software: infrared picture of a rodent

Minotaur software

Minotaur software provides a possibility of automatic tracking of movements of a rodent (a rat or a mouse) in a labyrinth with calculation of all main statistics of activity.

It is possible to process in real time or pre-recorded video files. The multiple-factor algorithm of processing of images allows to provide high precision of tracking and quality of results of the analysis.

Main features:

Specifications and prices

Minotaur "Registrar"
video recording
Minotaur «Basic»
video analysis, zone marking, movements statistics
100 000 Р
Mudule "Activity"
racks, lookings out, hole entry behavior
+25 000 Р
Mudule "Online"
real-time experiments
+15 000 Р
Module "Statistics"
batch pocessing of several experiments with the generalized statistics, thermal maps
+20 000 Р
The wire infrared video camera with the adjustable IR led
1920x1080 pixl, 30 Hz
20 000 Р