Equipment for animal physiology research
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Teremoque: restrainer for laboratory animals

Restrainer Teremok- retainer for rodents of small and medium sizes for laboratory experiments

A holding device or restraining device for fixing rodents: rats, mice or guinea pigs at physiological experiments.

Essential for non-invasive pressure measurement on the tail and rectal temperature, and other manipulations.

The animal fixing procedure is quite simple. To limit the motor activity of the animal there are locking plate that reliably fixes by the special latch. Ventilation holes are provided on the body, which is important for experiments with heating the animal, for example, using a heating system Phlogiston.

At fixation, the locking plate provides a convenient arrangement of genitals of animals.


Materials Plexiglas, plastic
Sizes, mm
(Diameter - Length x Width x Height)
D60 - 165х62х60 (for rats up to 300 g)
D70 - 190x70x66 (for rats up to 450 g)
D80 - 220x80x72 (for guinea pigs)
D29 - 90x29х26 (for mice)
D23 - 72x23х20 (for mice)
Warranty 1 year
Production Russia, LLC «Neurobotics»


Teremoque D60 (is suitable for rats up to 300 g) On request
Teremoque D70 (is suitable for rats up to 450 g) On request
Teremoque D80 (is suitable for guinea pigs) On request
Teremoque D29 (is suitable for mice) On request
Teremoque D23 (is suitable for mice) On request

It is possible to produce fixators of other sizes