Equipment for animal physiology research
Moscow, Zelenograd


A modular hardware and software system designed to conduct behavioral research, such as:

  1. The conditional reaction of passive avoidance: Light box, Step-through и Step-down
  2. The conditional reaction of active avoidance
  3. A conflict situation with food or drink (by Vogel)
  4. Preference for location/Activity


Determination of motor-coordination disorders by the ability of small laboratory animals (rats and mice) to stay on the rotating drum.

The methodology based on a fear of electrocutaneous irritation, height or water environment.


Long-term wireless registration of the ECG signal (946 Hz) for studying the physiology of animals of medium and small size: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats.


System of noninvasive measurement of blood pressure (NIBP non-invasive blood pressure) of rats and mice.

Measurement of systolic and diastolic pressure is performed using an infrared pulse sensor which is put on a tail of an animal after the inflated cuff.


Autonomous heating platform-thermostat for rodents of small and medium size.


A holding device or restraining device for fixing rodents: rats, mice or guinea pigs at physiological experiments.

Essential for non-invasive pressure measurement on the tail and rectal temperature, and other manipulations.


The software for carrying out experiments and the analysis of movement of laboratory animals


  • Open space
  • Cross-shaped labyrinths
  • T-shaped labyrinths