Equipment for animal physiology research
Moscow, Zelenograd

Minotaur: animal tracking software for behavioral research

Screenshot of the Minotaur software: movement of a rodent Screenshot of the Minotaur software: infrared picture of a rodent

Minotaur software provides a possibility of automatic tracking of movements of a rodent (a rat or a mouse) in a labyrinth with calculation of all main statistics of activity.

It is possible to process in real time or pre-recorded video files. The multiple-factor algorithm of processing of images allows to provide high precision of tracking and quality of results of the analysis.

Main features:

Specifications and prices

"Recorder" module
video recording
"Basic" module
video analysis, zone marking, movements statistics
On request
"Activity" module
standings, looking outs, hole entries
On request
"Online" module
real-time experiments
On request
"Statistics" module
batch processing of several experiments with generalized statistics
On request
Depth video camera (TOF)
depth with 512x418 resolution or color with 1920x1080 resolution, USB3
On request

Resources and downloads

Manual (Version 1.2)
Software Minotaur (Version 1.3.1)
Test video (with depth)