Equipment for animal physiology research
Moscow, Zelenograd

Physiobelt: wireless ECG recording and analysis system for animals

Hardware-software complex Physobelt is developed for wireless recording of ECG animals: rodents, dogs, rabbits Hardware-software complex Physobelt: vest for a rat

The Physiobelt system is designed for long-term recording and transmission of an ECG signal with 500 Hz frequency via the radio channel and is used as part of a computer system that provides wireless reception of data and their processing in ECG researches of animals of the average and medium size (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats).

Key features and benefits of the system:

The kit includes:

Areas of use:

New features of the system:


Number of channels 1-8
The type of channels bipolar
Frequency range 1—50 Hz (-3 dB)
Sampling rate 122-946 Hz
Range of input voltages ±3 mV (ECG)
±300 μV (EEG)
Transmission protocol Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Transmission Range 50 meters
Indication "Waiting", "device recognized", "work", "internal error", "battery discharge"
Power Supply built-in battery LiIon 500 mA
Operation time not less than 10 hours, more than 100 days in a waiting mode
Weight no more than 50 grams
Dimensions 60 х 40 х 20 mm
Computer requirements Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
File format EDF
Analysis Pulse
R-R intervals
The index voltage by Baevsky
Warranty 12 month
Production Russia, LLC «Neurobotics»

Specifications and prices

Standard equipment
  • Physiobelt,
  • ZigBee USB-dongle,
  • Set of electrodes,
  • 1 vest for a rodent (size to choose: S, M, L)
On request
Vest for a rodent S/M/L:
  • S - the weight of the animal from 30 to 70 g
  • М - the weight of the animal from 70 to 120 g
  • L - the weight of the animal from 120 to 200 g
On request
Vest for a rodent XL/XXL:
  • XL - the weight of the animal from 200 to 300 g
  • XXL - the weight of the animal from 300 to 500 g
On request
For rabbits and cats (Type1 - chest girth 25 cm, Type2 - chest girth up to 30 cm, Type3 - chest girth up to 40 cm) On request
Vest for dog (on request) On request
Wireless charger On request


Neyrobotics Physobelt: carrying out experiment
Carrying out experiment
Neyrobotics Physobelt: analysis of the ECG
Analysis of the ECG

Resources and Downloads

Physiobelt Software (Version 2.3.2)
Manual for software (Version 2.2.4)

General questions

How to test the sensor without a rat?
Possible causes and what to do if there are no clear intervals or there are no other indications?

Possible reasons:
1) The electrodes are not in contact with the skin surface
Shave the contact areas and add electrode gel
2) The electrodes are in contact with each other
Too much gel added
3) Device Malfunction
Check on your hands by holding the contacts with the thumb and forefinger of your left and right hands, fingers should be moistened with gel (you can select the "Human" template at the bottom of the screen and your heart rate will be displayed)